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Scouting Tents and Equipment



    Tourist tents, "10", NS, Camping adapters, arbours, etc. (sewing up canvases, replacement sliders, floors, mosquito nets, apron, accessories)
    Steel and aluminium frames to all types of tents and adapters.
    Tourist equipment: chairs, deckchair, tables etc., and rucksack, mattress
    We cover gym mattresses with new fabric

Renovations scout tents ("10", commons, etc.) are made under the following conditions:
1 Each tent intended to remontu, is viewed and valued by us. You decide which tent is to renovate.
2 Review of the tent, which is NOT decide to renovate costs PLN 60.00 gross
3 The fee for the review will not be charged if the tent will be repaired by our valuation.
4 The fee for utilization of tents for the state to cassation will be determined individually
5 We are not able to assess the state of impregnation of fabrics, especially in the case of cotton. You have to judge it for yourself at the camp.
6 We are able to impregnate seams with tape, but the meaning and cost of this operation will be always set individually.
6 We do not impregnate fabrics.
7 Transport conditions for the renovation of tents are set individually for each order.
8.We do NOT accept to renovation tents, wet, muddy / sandy, over-coated with talcum powder and rolled along with "pounds" of forest bed. In that kind of situation a tent which get to us will automatically refer it, charging a fee of 100,00 PLN gross plus the cost of transportation by courier. Or invite the customer to us to make on their own: dried up and shake the tent from an excess of "extras", which does not exclude any fees for the review.
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